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About us

Ensurehost is a quality Internet solution provider delivering web hosting products for Web developers, IT managers and business owners worldwide. We offer a portfolio of highly reliable, fast and affordable web hosting solutions to the world.

Todays customers have a wide variety of webhosting companies to choose from, yet although many companies are quite large, they fail to realize what it is that is most important to the customer. Quite often the smaller customers are over looked or ignored in favor of the larger ones. We at Ensurehost provide the best customer service to all of our customers no matter how big or how small they are.

Building online branding with your own domain name used to be an expensive and complicated exercise. And in the end, the cost and time it took to do it right proved to be too much for many businesses.

Now a new era of Internet hosting is emerging that will see a simplification of processes and great cost reductions. This will open up the Internet to more businesses and create opportunities for new and existing web publishing companies.

Ensurehost understands what these web publishers are going to need to become successful and thriving, and it is our goal to give every advantage to any web development company that operates on our network.

We are confident our high powered hosting solutions, backed by our excellent customer service and innovative partner program, will lead your business forward in this emerging global economy.

We are committed to providing an excellent service at a fair price while maintaining high standards of integrity. We believe it is because we uphold these values that we have experienced success in such a competitive environment.

Customers can tell the difference: We never want to forget that helping our customers grow their own businesses is the main reason we exist. Ideally, we'd like our customers to feel like our company is small enough provide them with the attention they deserve; but big enough to provide them with the world-class resources and support they demand. We are not striving for global domination. In a market with millions of potential clients we are satisfied to gain a relatively moderate market share and provide those customers with an excellent value for their money. By doing this we believe we will grow steadily in size and profitability. While many large start-up hosting companies remain debt-ridden for years and frequently never emerge from it, we started small and became profitable during our first couple months of operation.

Make big-business resources affordable for all: By developing close partnerships and positioning ourselves to reap the benefits of shared resources, we have made web hosting an affordable enterprise to anyone who wants a website. Where a local ISP might be able to offer 50MB of web space on a server with a 1.5MBps connection for $20/month, we can provide a hundred times more space and speed for a fraction of the price PLUS include a wealth of valuable tools.