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Why Choose Us ?

01. Top Value

Ensurehost does not compromise quality for quantity as everyone knows it's more difficult and costly to correct issues after they become problems.
02. Free Domain name for Life

Most of our hosting packages offer a free domain name, for the lifetime of the account. An offer which is unheard of with most hosting companies, while we pay the cost, you reap the benefits.
03. Stability

Since our founding in 2000, Ensurehost has been focused on providing the best hosting services that customers demand. Our longevity is a testament to the stability of our company. When we first started we set out to grow at a pace that was comfortable without going into debt or over exposing our selves to risk. This was a strategy that paid off over the years and allowed us to become one of the leaders in our market today.
04. Always Online! Support Services

Ensurehost support is delivered through multiple means including phone, helpdesk and live chat. We also provide the means for customers to help themselves through our online Knowledgebase and Flash tutorials. Our phone support is offered, Monday - Friday 6AM - 7PM (PST) You can call during our posted hours and we will be glad to assist you. For those that need a quick response from a technician, we offer our 24/7 live chat service and professional grade helpdesk service - answering most tickets within an hour and all within 24 hours.
05. First to offer FFmpeg Hosting

We pioneered the growth of FFmpeg Hosting by being one of the first hosting companies to offer this comprehensive service. Since than we have become experts at dealing with issues and answering questions.
06. Complete Customer Satisfaction

Ensurehost is dedicated towards the complete satisfaction from our clients. We have a high standard and satisfaction level for our hosting that we back with a 45 day money back guarantee on our web hosting plans. Additionally, we guarantee the uptime of your website 99.9% of the month or the month is on us.
07. Fast Network and Premium Hardware

An overloaded server or network can mean slow and unreliable service. At Ensurehost we keep our servers populated with less accounts than the industry standard and host on one of the world's premier networks to maximize reliability and performance. It is our experience that a happy customer is long term client and we want our customers to know they are valued.
08. Integrity & High Standards

We stand behind the information on the Ensurehost site. We strive to make the information on our website as accurate and easy to understand as possible, but if there is a discrepancy of any kind we will work with you to fairly satisfy your concerns. We also are participants of the RatePoint system for building a better company-client relationship.
09. Reputable Hosting for the World

No matter where you are Ensurehost want to serve you. We enjoy one of the best reputations for being a trusted Host and we work hard everyday to ensure this trust is earned and our reputation is protected.
10. We Cater to Your Growing Needs

Even if you start with the minimum of requirements, our entire portfolio of plans are geared towards your anticipated growth and increasing demand for more. No matter what growth you experience, rest assured that we will be there to meet your needs..